Multi Rename Nodes

  • Where to find them:

    • NodeGraph / Right Mouse Click / Misc /

    • Main Window / Extension Pack / Nodegraph /  Misc /

  • Shotcut (Nodegraph Only): Ctrl + N


The Multi Renamer is a tool do batch rename nodes. It works either based on selected nodes or for all

Nodes in your currently open Graph Tab.




  • Add Prefix

Will add the given string to the start of each Node.

  • Add Suffix

Will add the given string to the end of each Node.

  • Remove Prefix

Will remove the given string out of a node name, if the node name does start with that string

  • Remove Suffix

Will remove the given string out of a node name, if the node name does end with that string

  • Replace / with

Will search and replace a string with another one

  • Remove All

Will remove all words entered from node names. Use a comma (',') for multiple words

  • Remove trailing Characters

Will remove x amount of characters from the end of a node name.

  • Auto Remove trailing Digits

When ticked on all trailing digits and excess whitespaces will be removed from the end of nodes.

Useful to quickly and easily get rid of all incremental node numbering introduced by mari to avoid clashing

node names.

  • Case sensitive

When ticked all string based operations are run case-sensitive.

  • Only selected Nodes

When ticked only selected Nodes in the currently open Nodegraph Tab will be affected by name changes

Otherwise all Nodes in the currently open Nodegraph Tab will be evaluated

  • Include Backdrops

When ticked on Backdrops will be included in the renaming process

  • Include Group Contents

When Only selected Nodes is turned off, you have the option to specify if only Nodes in the current Nodegraph Tab are evaluated,

or if nodes inside of Graph Groups are included. If ticked on, all Nodes in Groups will be included (recursively, groups within groups etc.).

Please note that that the search always only progresses down the hierarchy of group nodes.

If your Main Nodegraph is level 0, the contents of a group node in the main nodegraph are level 1 etc. the search will start at the level of your currently open

Nodegraph Tab and proceed up in levels, not down.