Saving and Sharing Hotboxes

Hotboxes can be easily shared with other users or backed up and restored.

Hotbox Location on Disc

Hotboxes are saved in a subfolder 'Hotboxes' in the same folder as your mari.ini file (windows) or mari.conf file (linux,mac).

The folder is usually found:

  • Win: C:\Users\<USERNAME>\.mari\TheFoundry\Hotboxes\
  • Linux: /home/<USERNAME>/.config/TheFoundry/Hotboxes/
  • Mac: /Users/<USERNAME>/.config/TheFoundry/Hotboxes/

You can quickly access the Hotbox Save Location via the


Button in the Hotbox Manager

Within the main hotbox folder are subfolders for all Hotboxes defined in the Hotbox List in the Hotbox Manager including all standard Hotboxes

Backup,copy and restore

  • To Backup your Hotboxes, simply copy the folders you need to a save location of your choice.
  • To restore a hotbox, paste the previously saved folder into the appropriate Location on disc


It is recommended to place any resource such as icon files inside the Folder of the Hotbox that utilizes it.

This way they will always automatically be found regardless of the path on disc and hotboxes can be easily reused across systems

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