Project Tools

  • Where to find them:

    • Main Window / Extension Pack / Project /

Here you can find some tools to help you manage data in Mari, increase speed and reduce file/project



Delete all Snapshots will remove all snapshots from all channels or layers in your project.

Snapshots are a way in Mari to save the current state of a layer/channel as a backup.

Mari may also - depending if it is turned on in the preferences - do automatic snapshots

after a period of time.

Snapshots can drastically increase the size of your project on disc or when archiving the project.

Proper deletion & not undoable


This process should be followed by a GarbageCollect command after for best results.

Please note this process will

- clear your history

- save your project

If you are unsure if you want to delete the snapshots permanently and you want the option

to undo you should use the Mari / Channel / Snapshot / Delete All Snapshots instead.

However this would keep the data on disc until you close & reopen the project.


Garbage Collect is a Mari internal process that runs after a few minutes of Mari being idle.

This menu item allows you to manually trigger the garbage collection.

Garbage Collect  will look for 'dead' data in your project and project cache directory - meaning any data

that no longer has a direct use in your project. As an example, when deleting a channel Mari might not

immediately delete the channel on disc for the following reasons:

    • The 'Channel Deletion' is still part of your (infinite) Undo History

    • The Image Data of the Channel is massive on disc. Since Mari is constantly writing and reading from 

your Hard disc, running a Delete of a massive set of data (a single channel with layers can easily be several Gigabyte)

can slow down Mari and therefore slow Painting, Baking or any other operation you are running. So Mari shelves the

operation for later.


Running this command will

- Save your project

- Clear your history

You will not be able to undo an action that was performed before running this command

You should let Mari run idle for a few minutes after executing this command.

GarbageCollection does not have a ProgressDialog or Completion Message.

Depending on the size of your project and speed of your Hard disc finding and deleting

data might take 5-10 Minutes at least.

For best results, it is recommended to close and reopen the project after which will

run further cleanups on project close/open

Information on this process is sketchy so a 100% guarantee that everything has been removed

isn't possible.


Will open the Cache Directory containing your Project in a filebrowser