Object Space Radial Gradient

  • Where to find it:

    • Add Procedural Layer / Procedural / Extension Pack / Generators

    • NodeGraph / Right Mouse Click / Add Nodes / Procedurals / Extension Pack / Generators

The Object Space Radial Gradient will create a 3d radial gradient in around a defined point in your scene.


How to position the 'sphere' in 3D Space

Positioning using Locators

Step by Step:

For easiest positioning turn on the 'Debug Pattern' Checkbox under the Texture Map Group of the Cylindrical Projection Node

  1. Go to 'Gradient Pivot' Group in the Node's Properties.

  1. On the Gradient Center Option click the '+' button to add a new locator

or choose an existing one from the dropdown

  1. A new locator will be added to your mari scene. You can also see this new locator in the Object Palette.

The position of this locator marks the center of your gradient

  1. Click on the Transform button next to the '+'.

  1. Mari will switch from your current object over to the 'Locator' Object in the Object Palette and activate the 'Transform Selected Option' Tool.

A locator gizmo will become visible in the viewport (you might have to look at your world center to see it, if your object is positioned away from the grid)

  1. Move the Locator to where you want the pivot to be.

Tip: Lock your object

When the Locator Gizmo is over your object it is very easy to 'miss the click' on the rotation ring

and activate the object instead which will result often in inadvertently moving the object around

Consider locking your object via the object palette to avoid moving it by mistake.

Node Overview

Node Ports

  • Manifold

The 'Manifold' connection can be used to feed in a coordinate system for the evaluation of the gradient.

Possible node connections are for example the 'Manifold 3D', 'Manifold UV', 'UV', 'Position' etc.

Node Properties



  • Color A/B

Color for the center of the gradient to its outside (A to B)

  • Invert

Flips the distribution of the color from B to A


  • Size

The size of the radial gradient around its pivot

  • Intensity

A Gain Multiplier on the values generated by the gradient

  • Gradient Curve

The Gradient Profile


Gradient Pivot

  • Gradient Center

Lets you define the gradient center by selecting or creating a locator that you can position in your viewport.

You can create a new locator by clicking the '+' button next to the dropdown, then clicking the 'p' button next to it

to edit it.

Gradient Scale

  • Scale X / Y / Z

Will apply a scale along X,Y or Z of your radial gradient.

Extra Attributes (Gradient Pivot)

Extra Attributes vs. Locators

Please note the options below are working on top of any locators created, meaning that by modifying the extra attributes the locator position will no longer be 100% representative of your  pivot position

  • Center Gradient on Object

With this checkbox turned on the Spherical Gradient will be generated at the center of the bounding box by default and

the XYZ Offset sliders will transform the pivot relative the the Object center.

  • X / Y / Z Offset

The X, Y and Z Offset to your Sphere Pivot relative to its original position (world 0 or locator position)

    • Offset

A secondary offset on each main slider with a finer granularity on the slider for precision positioning