Bookmark by Jens Kafitz

  • Where to find it: (This Node is available in the Nodegraph only)

    • NodeGraph / Right Mouse Click / Add Nodes / Misc / Extension Pack /

  • Shortcut:     (unassigned, use "Edit / Shortcuts" to assign)


For a full overview of the Nodegraph Bookmark System click here: Nodegraph Bookmarks

The Nodegraph Bookmark System is a combination out of Nodes and Menu actions interacting with these nodes allowing you to jump

to positions in your Nodegraph.


Node Overview

The Bookmark Node is a custom node with its only purpose being to act as an identifier in the Nodegraph that the Menu Actions can find.

You can connect it as part of a Node chain just as any other node ...


.. or leave it sitting in your nodegraph without any connection