Smart Merge

  • Where to find it:

    • Edit / Shortcuts / Menu
      • Category 'Create / Layer'

  • Shotcut (Nodegraph Only): M

  • Hotbox: C (Merge Node)

The Smart Merge Action is an alternative way to creating a Merge Node inside of the Nodegraph.

Mari by default has a shortcut 'M' mapped to create a new Merge Node in the Nodegraph.

Assigning a Shortcut to the Smart Merge Action allows you to create either a Merge Node or a Multi-Channel Merge Node

with a single hotkey based on the context you are working on.

From Mari 4.6v4 or higher onwards, Extension Pack assigns this shortcut by default to 'M'

  • Executing the Smart Merge Action with a material or Multi channel Merge node selected will create a Multi Channel Merge Node
  • Executing the Smart Merge Action with a regular Mari Node selected will create a standard Merge Node

Using a single hotkey a different kind of merge node gets created based on selected nodes