Help Menu

  • Where to find it:

    • Main Window / Help
    • Main Window / Extension Pack / Help

Extension Pack adds a series of commands to the Mari Help Menu

Extension Pack Specific

  • Create Smart Mask Project

Creates an example Project for testing Extension Pack Smart Masks.

The sample project has Ambient Occlusion and Curvature pre-calculated.

The Project is the same the Smart Mask Thumbnails in the Extension Pack

Mask Shelf were created with.

  • Extension Pack Licensing

Launches the Extension Pack Licensing Dialog

  • Extension Pack Splash Screen

Launches the Extension Pack Splash Screen, which contains quick access buttons

to multiple things

  • Extension Pack Online Help

Launches this Online Help. Please note you can relink the Online Help to call a local copy

as described here

  • Extension Pack Tutorials

Link to the Youtube Playlist containing all Extension Pack Tutorials

  • Extension Pack Release Notes

Link to the editorial style Release Notes for the current version

  • Extension Pack Version Check

Checks if your currently installed Extension Pack is the latest available

  • Extension Pack Bug Report

Launches your email client in order to report an Extension Pack Bug to the developer

Mari Specific

  • Open Project Folder

Opens the Folder in the Mari Cache Directory, where your current Project Data is stored

  • Open Mari User Settings

Mari stores user specific data such as your main configuration file in

  • Win \user\username\.mari\TheFoundry
  • Linux: ~/.config/TheFoundry   (~ refers to your home directory) 
  • Mac: ~/.config/TheFoundry    (~ refers to your home directory)

This Menu Entry opens this Folder.

  • Open Mari Log File

To Debug Mari issues with Support (Foundry or Extension Pack), it is often helpful to provide a Log file.

The Log file is a file called MariLog.txt and can be found:

  • Win: C:\Users\<USERNAME>\Documents\Mari\Logs\MariLog.txt
  • Linux: /home/<USERNAME>/Mari/Logs/MariLog.txt
  • Mac: /Users/<USERNAME>/Mari/Logs/MariLog.txt

This Menu Entry opens the Log file in a text editor.

  • Create Foundry Support Ticket

Launches the Foundry Support Portal in a web browser, in order to file a bug or feature request.