Access & Configuration of the Automation Toolkit Bridge

  • Where to find it:

    • Main Window / Project Toolbar

    • Main Window / Extension Pack / Baker

  • Shortcut: (unassigned, use "Edit / Shortcuts" to assign)

Automatic Detection of Substance Automation Toolkit Installation

The Substance Baker Bridge will automatically look for a Substance Automation Toolkit Installation in common installation locations.

Alternatively it will check for the existence of the Substance3d Environment Variable SAT_INSTALL_PATH, which can be used to declare

the Installation Folder e.g. in a Studio Environment.

If an Installation is found through any of those two ways your Substance Baker Bridge will start fully configured.

Manually pointing the Baker Bridge to your Substance Automation Toolkit Folder

If the Substance Baker Bridge was unable to automatically detect your Substance Automation Toolkit Installation a dialog will prompt you

to specify the Installation Folder of the Toolkit.

Changing the Path later

The Path to your Substance Automation Toolkit Installation  can be changed at any time within the main Substance Baker Bridge Dialog, in the Tool Configuration Settings.

Declaring Path via Environment Variable (optional)

If available, Substance Baker Bridge will automatically get the Substance Automation Toolkit Installation Folder from the Environment Variable


The Environment Variable can be pointed to the Folder where your Toolkit is installed.

This is a Substance3D Environment Variable, not an Extension Pack one.

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