I am getting a 'Convert Layers' Dialog on Project Open

Why is it happening ?

Both the main Mari Application as well as Mari Extension Pack sporadically update existing nodes (procedurals, adjustments etc.).

Usually this is due to a Bugfix and will not have any impact on the look of existing projects.

This dialog indicates that a version of a Node inside your project is older than the one currently installed and it is recommended to

upgrade the Node to the latest version.

Extension Pack only applies non-look-changing updates to nodes versions.

If a node should change in look it is usually versioned up and only will take effect on new instances of the node and old projects will not prompt you to upgrade

What should I do ?

Quite simply you should press 'Convert' at all times. It is a safe change.

I get this every time I open a project

When a project has been upgraded and saved after, the dialog should no longer appear on the next project start.

If it does appear repeatedly on the same project that might indicate a bug and I encourage you to contact me

with information what node is being upgraded.

To find out what node is being upgraded press 'Convert' and immediately after locate your Mari Log File.

Inside the Log file you can search for either phrases

    • Different Nodes:
    • About to upgrade node

.. which will show the name of the node to be upgraded